Katie Brianna Red, Red Wine

Dark Side of the Morning

Album cover photoshoot

Katie called me up after our Musicians and Their Inspirations photoshoot (see below), wanting to do a photoshoot for her album “Dark Side of the Morning”. The concept for this was quite simple, a beautiful portrait of Katie, in a stunning location.

The day we shot, we headed down to the Coogee cliffs in Sydney Australia, it was cold, cloudy and extremely windy, which seemed to suit the theme of the album perfectly… Katie is stunningly gorgeous, and her songwriting even more so.

Have a look at her work here:


Oh Night

Music video

The thing about having “repeat customers” that soon you become friends, and then you can start exploring concepts that really show the true personality of the artist (even though we want this from the beginning!). So when Katie and I started talking about a film clip for her album “Dark Side of the Morning”, I was excited by the possibilities!

The message of the song was about a person who has a love/hate relationship with the night. We wanted to convey that through a fictional story of a woman… and well, you’ll need to watch the video to see what happens!

Moral of this story… it was A LOT of fun, and I’m very proud of this, my first commercial music video clip.

Red, Red Wine

Musicians and Their Inspirations project

Katie Brianna is an amazing songwriter – and dare I say, one of the best that Australia has! Anyone who meets Katie will understand this picture… she paints beautiful, heartbreaking melodies, yet Katie herself is a bubble of light and fun!

This picture shows what inspires her… her bathtub, a glass of wine, and a bit of sparkle! Katie is a joy, and I’m proud to call her a friend!

Dark Side of The Morning

Music video

The second single from Katie’s album and the title track. Dark Side of The Morning explores the experience of suffering from depression and having to keep going every day.

Sam Newton

Melody Pool