Melody Pool The Hurting Scene

The Hurting Scene

Musicians and their Inspirations/Album Cover

I approached Melody to be involved with my Musicians and their Inspirations project, and organised to meet up with her to discuss what direction we should head. She was just about to trek to the USA to record her album, and I could tell that this was the calm before the storm!

Over coffees, it was pretty clear that Melody wanted to show another side to herself… the side that she had been pouring into her songs. Something from the soul, in all its glorious and painful ways.

Inspiration hit, and a “film noir” look came to mind. So one blustry rainy day, we headed to The Rocks in Sydney and took some of the most beautiful photos I ever had. I was so proud when Andrew Allingham at Purple Design turned one of the images into the most amazing drawing that was to be the album cover or her debut album

Have a look at her work here:

Open Book

Publicity shots – take one

After Melody had success with Telstra Road to Discovery and the launch of her album, she was signed to Liberation Records. I was asked to take some promo shots, this one in particular I love, but unfortunately wasn’t the direction that Melody or the label were headed, and ended up on my hard drive, unseen… until now!

Melody could wear a sack and I could take photos of her in a pond, and she’d still be gorgeous.

Open Book

Publicity shots – take two

After talking to Melody more about what she was after, we shot this time in my studio, with the computer set up, and Melody was really involved with the decision making this time… what resulted was some amazing black and white shots that are now Melody’s press shots.

If you grab a copy of the September Issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, you’ll be able to see this particular image grace the insides.

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